Recovering Investment Losses

Each year, investors lose tens of billions of dollars at the hands of unethical and negligent financial professionals who abuse the trust and confidence of their clients. Bad financial markets expose and highlight investment fraud, stockbroker misconduct and stockbroker negligence. Whether it’s recommending unsuitable investments, making false statements, omitting material information or simply negligence, the end result is the same: Investment losses are sustained. Our experienced team can evaluate the strength of your claims and help put you on a path to financial recovery.


STOCK MARKET RECOVERY CONSULTANTS was formed in 2003 with a commitment to excellence. We serve each client with the intention of setting new standards in personal service.

With every successful resolution we have introduced innovative new theories unique to each case. We are constantly making advances in the arbitration process to better the probability of recovery.

A successful settlement or arbitration awards has been attained for over a thousand clients.

Roughly, 80% of our claims settle and the remainder continue on to a hearing.

Our success rate for recovering money is over 95%.

References can and will be provided upon request.


STOCK MARKET RECOVERY CONSULTANTS generally works on a contingent fee.

We offer a NO  RECOVER NO FEE  alternative to other firms that will typically require a substantial up front retainer with no guarantee of a successful recovery.


Our firm has recovered millions of dollars on  behalf of burnt investors across the country . We are not a Jack of all trades, this is our specialty and we we’re good at what we do.

We rely on our stockbrokers, financial planners and investment advisors to manage our accounts in a way that gives us the best chance of seeing an increase in the value of our accounts and portfolios so that, one day, we can retire and not have to worry about our financial security. It is the responsibility of financial professionals to act exclusively in the investor’s best interests. When they fail to do so, they can and should be held accountable.

If your retirement accounts or stock portfolios have lost substantial value because of the actions taken by your financial professional, you may have a claim to seek the recovery of your losses. At STOCK MARKET RECOVERY CONSULTANTS  we represent clients across the United States in a variety of cases involving unethical or fraudulent securities practices. YOU HAVE OPTIONS!  Don’t let the opportunity to recover your money slip away. Call 1 800 333 4567.