Benjamin Lapin is the founder of our company.

Recognized as an expert in securities arbitration, Mr. Lapin has an extensive trading background of over 20 years and has been involved in over 1000 securities disputes.

Brokerage houses are seeking to discharge their responsibility and specifically seek refuge in the excuse that these are turbulent times.

Therefore, only someone who has arbitration and stock market experience can adequately rebut the market condition theory and put forth a wining claim.

Mr. Lapin is knowledgeable of most sources of controversy including failure to supervise, failure to follow customers instructions, suitability, misrepresentation, margin, excessive trading (known as “churning”), unauthorized transactions, market manipulation, due diligence, need for a reasonable basis, and breach of fiduciary duties.

Mitchell Markowitz is our co-founder and is a recognized expert in matters relating to investment fraud in the financial services industry and is highly experienced in dealing with regulatory agencies.

For much of the 1990′s Mr. Markowitz has been a top negotiator in recovering money for clients that went against multi billion dollar corporations and has a long record of successful resolutions on behalf of his clients. His expert opinion has been sought by both investors and financial institutions. He has conducted an extensive study of investment fraud.

Our objective is to provide professional, affordable representation for burnt investors through negotiation and arbitration. Stock Market Recovery Consultants Inc. offers a valuable service by representing investors suffering from investment losses with the expertise  and experience of many years in the securities industry to successfully recover your money.

We are available for a free consultation or to answer your questions.

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